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Importance of Vacuuming | Improve Air Quality & Reduce Allergens

Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Your Home Shine

Superb Company - Excellent Service | Five Star Customer Reviews Fort Salonga NY

A Professional Cleaning Can Extend The Life of Your Rugs and Carpet

Fantastic customer service! | Five Star Customer Reviews Tenafly NJ

Cleaning Up After The Holidays

Amazing Results of Karistan Carpet Rug Cleaning | “It looks brand new!”

Give Thanks By Leaving A Review | Share Your Thanks This Thanksgiving

Very Good Work, Very Clean Rug! | Five Star Customer Reviews Greenwich, CT

The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Define Your Space with an Area Rug

Where Germs Are Hiding in Your Home

Cleaning up Spills and Pet Stains

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The Silver Washing Process | Rug Cleaning Repair Restoration New York NY

Leave A Rug Cleaning, Repair or Restoration Review

Wet Area Rugs…What Do I Do?

Great service, great quality of work | Five Star Customer Reviews New York NY

Choosing the Best Area Rug for Your Space

Award of Excellence for Properly Disposing Used Fluids from Rug Washing Process

Cleaning Services: Tell Us About Your Experience

Rug Care Tips: Preventing Mildew and Dry Rot in Rugs

The service was great, and the people were nice | Five Star Customer Reviews North Arlington NJ

Importance of Clean Furnishings with Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Services

Excellent and very respectful of the surroundings in your home | Five Star Customer Reviews

3 Home Health Benefits to Carpet Cleaning

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Keep Your New Year’s Resolution For A Clean Home

The Big 3 Holiday Spills

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Discover the Value of Clean [Infographic]

A Rug Cleaning Will Make Your Rugs Look Like New Again

Our New Rug Freezer Which Kills Moth Larvae

5 Things for Your Home and Fall To-Do List

Five Star Cleaning Reviews For Rug Renovating From Satisfied Customers | Carpet, Rug And Furniture Cleaning East Orange NJ Greenwich CT New York NY Flushing NY Syosset NY Tarrytown NY

Fall Allergies: Simple Tips to Keep Them Out of Our Homes

Rug Weaving: How Long Does It Take To Weave A Rug?

What Pets Bring Into Our Homes and Leave On Our Carpets and Rugs

Most Rug And Carpet Dirt Is Tracked In From Outside

Rugs and Carpet Provide a Number of Great Benefits for Homes

State Farm turns to Rug Renovating to put their clients rugs in “Good Hands”

Simple Home Cleaning Tips

Sparks Steak House | Restoration Carpet Cleaning NYC

Five Star Reviews For Rug Renovating From Satisfied Customers | Carpet, Rug And Furniture Cleaning East Orange NJ Greenwich CT New York NY Flushing NY Syosset NY Tarrytown NY

Nine Tips for Maintaining Oriental Rugs

Rug Fading Can Happen. Be Careful!

Rug Cleaning Process | Rug Renovating NY NJ CT

8 Tips To Tackle Spring Cleaning [Infographic]

Why You Should Not Clean Your Rugs At Home | Rug Cleaning And Restoration CT NY NJ

Five Star Reviews For Rug Renovating From Satisfied Customers | Carpet, Rug And Furniture Cleaning East Orange NJ Greenwich CT New York NY Flushing NY Syosset NY Tarrytown NY

Oriental Rug Care And A Journey Into Mysterious Worlds Of Old

Post-Holiday Cleaning Tips And How To Tackle Them | Carpet, Rug And Upholstery Cleaning NY NJ and CT

To Stain Protect or Not to Stain Protect – here’s your proof

From The Outhouse Back To The Penthouse

Hand Cleaning of Large 50 Year Old Handmade Persian Rug

Bombardier Global Business Jet Upholstered Furniture, Leather And Carpet Cleaning Project | December 2017

It’s Like Plastic Surgery For Rugs!!

Preparing Your Home For The Holidays | Professional Upholstery, Carpet And Rug Cleaning NYC And Surrounding Areas

Five Star Reviews for Rug Renovating From Satisfied Customers

6 Tips To Get Ready For Your Carpet Cleaning

What Is The Difference: Should Oriental Rugs Be Repaired by a Master Craftsperson?

Why Rug Cleaning Is An Essential Part Of A Clean Home

Five Star Reviews From Satisfied Customers

Before & After of Handmade Persian Rug Circa 1920s from Ralph Lauren

Oriental Rug Origins & Art History

The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting.

Beginner’s Tips on Identifying Authentic Handmade Oriental Rugs

Rug & Carpet Soiling and Soil Management

It Took 17 Men To Handle This Rug | Rug Renovating NYC

Rug Weaving In China | Rug Renovating A Family-Owned Business With 120 Years of History

Six Helpful Tips To Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze | Professional Rug, Carpet and Furniture Cleaning Can Help Remove Allergens

RR Employee Spotlight: Junior Stephens - March 2017

Improve Indoor Air Quality with Professional Oriental Rug, Area Carpet and Furniture Cleaning | Rug Renovating New York Area

Our Cleaning Contribution for Mommas House - Long Island

The Effects of Pet Urine on Your Rug

The Rug We Saved With Color Restoration

Tips on How to Care for your Oriental and Area Rugs

Persian Keshan With Water Damage and Dry Rot

Viscos Rug Cleaned and Restored

Handmade Egyptian Rug With Urine Damage

Myths about Carpet Cleaning

Handmade Viscose Rug Cleaning and Restoration

Persian Bakhahaish Rug Restoration - Back From The Dead

Semi-Antique Handmade Persian Rug Restoration

Handmade Sumac Rug Restoration

70 Year Old Handmade Persian Isphan Rug Restoration

Chinese Silk Rug With Yellow Paint

Fringe Problems

Oriental Rug Cleaning: Importance of Rug Dusting

World’s Largest Cleaning & Restoration Factory is Now the World’s Greenest!

Should You Wash Cushion Covers?

Nine Cleaning Mistakes

Signs Your Carpet Needs Professional Cleaning.

What Stinks and How to Get Rid of It

Always Do This When Cleaning

Cutting Dirt Down to Size

More Ways To Keep Dust Mites in Line

Snow Shovel Safety Tips

How to Get Clothes Even Cleaner

Three Ways To Keep Dust Mites in Line

Three Steps to Cleaner Clothes

Carpet Cleaning Challenge

Three Steps to a Cleaner Home.

Is Your Home Terrorizing Your Nose?

Don't You Just Hate Dust? Here's How To Beat It!

Smart Ways To Reduce Dust

Give Your Rug A Shake!

Commercial Facilities and Vacuums

Where Are My Allergies Coming From?

What Is A Rug?

Everything You Don't Know About Carpet Fabrics

How To Get Rid of Odors in Your Home

Why Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning

Questions For DIY Carpet Cleaning

The Truth About Carpeting & Allergens (Or Lack There Of!)

How To Care For Your Oriental Rug

How To Keep Your Rugs And Carpet Safe From Snow

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solutions

The Summertime Survival Guide for your Rug

How to Get a Red Wine Stain out of a Rug

How to Decrease In-Home Allergens

Why you should invest in an eco-friendly carpet cleaning treatment

How Can You Save a Damaged Family Heirloom (a treasured rug)?

Rug Renovating's Inaugural Designer Marketing Workshop

The Do’s and Don’ts of Carpet Cleaning

How to Protect Your Rugs from UV Fading

Carpet Cleaning Helps Reduce Allergens in Your Home

My Oriental Rug Cleaning- A Great Experience from Start to Finish

Why Green Carpet Cleaning is Important for your Home

A Spring Carpet Cleaning Checklist for Your Home

Does Your Spring Cleaning Routine Include Furniture Cleaning?

Your Reference Guide to Carpet Stains

Fine Rug Repair - Don’t Wait

Carpet Care Tips for Every Household

New Oriental Rug Purchase - Now What?

Rug Cleaning Tips by Rug Type

Rug Cleaning for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Rug Cleaning Tips for Your Home and Holidays

Our Customers love our Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Green Focus. Green Carpet Cleaning.

Don’t be Scared! Use Soil and Stain Protectant

The Benefits to a Healthy Home

Quick Repair Can Minimize Oriental Rug Damage

Why Oriental Rugs Should Be Repaired by a Master Craftsperson

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning

Green Rug Cleaning Keeps Your Family Healthy and Safe

Regular Cleaning Is Key to Making Oriental, Antique Rugs Last Longer

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