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Rug Cleaning Tips for Your Home and Holidays

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Fri, Dec 07, 2012 @ 04:44 PM

snow flake clipart 7With the holidays quickly approaching, you want your rugs looking clean for the guests you entertain in your home. It is also important to frequently have your rugs cleaned, in order to avoid further damage. Rugs and carpets will look their best and last longer when they are properly maintained.

Here are some important carpet care tips you should keep in mind that will help your rugs and home look beautiful for your family and holiday guests during those special celebrations:

1. Handmade Oriental and machine made carpets should be cleaned every two to four years.

Dan Hodges, President of the Oriental Rug Importers Association says, “Over time, grit and dirt become embedded so deeply that professional cleaning is required. Oriental rugs and other area carpets should be taken out of the home for proper cleaning.”

This type of cleaning will remove the grit as well as the surface soil that gradually causes the carpet to take on a dull appearance.

2. Never allow a wall-to-wall carpet cleaning firm to clean an oriental rug in your home.

It would probably be easier and cheaper, but this could seriously harm your rugs.  When a cleaner cleans a rug in a home with a hot water extraction machine,  known as steam cleaning, the top half of the rug becomes saturated with detergent and the bottom half remains untouched. This process does not get the dirt out of the rug’s foundation.

If a rug is cleaned at the home, it is lying flat on the ground, and this causes the foundation to never have the opportunity to dry properly. This could lead to mildew and dry rot, which will either ruin the rug or drastically reduce its longevity and value.

Another problem with in-home cleaning is that the cleaning chemical is never properly rinsed out of the rug. The soap and moisture that is left in the rug attains a very high pH level. As the rug dries, it leaves the pile heavily laden with soap residue - we use the analogy of washing your hair without rinsing it. 

3. Protect your installations from stains, soil and wear with Fiber-Guard.

Fiber-Guard provides a superior protection on each and every fiber in handmade rugs and carpets, wall-to-wall carpet, fabric and leather furniture, wall fabrics and draperies.

It can be applied to wool, cotton, leather, silk, velvet, suede, and all other fabric blends.

It will not wear off like other stain repellants and will leave your fabric’s color, feel and texture unchanged.

It will always be safe and non-toxic.

4. For your wall-to-wall carpeting:

Wall-to-wall carpeting should be cleaned every eighteen months, according to Dupont, the leading producer of carpet fiber.

We use steam cleaning just like Shaw Carpet, which is the largest manufacture of broadloom carpet in the world. They also recommend the hot water extraction system, which research indicates provides the best capability for cleaning.

Our technicians will pre-spot the problem areas on your carpets, move the furniture, thoroughly clean the carpet, and replace the furniture to its original location.

It will take six to twelve hours for the carpet to dry.

5. Vacuum your rugs and carpets frequently. Click here for proper instructions.

6. Rotate your rugs 180 degrees at least once a year.

7. Check out this Carpet Cleaning Frequency Guideline from the EPA:

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