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It Took 17 Men To Handle This Rug | Rug Renovating NYC

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Thu, Apr 13, 2017 @ 03:59 PM

This was a new rug that was handmade in Nepal by our client – Doris Leslie Bleu. The rug is hand woven in one piece which is very, very unusual (in fact we have never seen or heard of a rug this wide – woven on one loom). The rug weighs approximately 1000 lbs. Our client had it shipped from Nepal to the showroom/offices in NY City and the rug was tightly bundled and wrapped in plastic and burlap.





When they received the rug they realized it wouldn’t fit in their elevator. They planned to send the rug to our facility to have it opened, inspected, measured, photographed and then folded, wrapped and crated for shipping to its final destination which we understand is a Boardroom in Mexico, but due to the fact that it couldn’t go into the elevator we sent a truck into Manhattan and picked up the rug.






Just to give you a perspective as to how large this rug is – 30 feet x 62 feet, and a NBA basketball court is 50 feet x 94 feet – so this rug is about 60% of the size of an entire court. It took 17 men to handle the rug and perform all the services described above.


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