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RR Employee Spotlight: Junior Stephens - March 2017

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Fri, Mar 03, 2017 @ 08:18 AM


Junior Stephens is a true veteran of RUG RENOVATING. His career in the rug industry started all the way back in 1975, when he joined the team as a Rug and Carpet Repair Technician. Stephens has become exceptionally talented in repairing handmade rugs, while also developing unique skills in handling all types of binding, serging, and other related equipment.


Prior to joining RUG RENOVATING, Stephens immigrated to the United States from St. Vincent in the West Indies. He was 16 years old when he moved to Brooklyn with his mother in 1969, and still resides there to this day. IMG_1305.jpgAs a young man, Stephens attended the Fashion Institute of Technology where he focused on women’s sportswear. On a part time basis, and out of passion, Stephens still designs and makes custom clothing for private clients. When he isn’t designing and making clothes, he loves to listen to jazz music.  

Stephens is a proud father to Jewel, who works as a Dental Technician and lives in Queens, and Elton, who works as an assistant Special Ed teacher and lives in Brooklyn. Stephens’ mother, Angela, is a retired dress maker who worked in the garment industry - clearly the love of design runs in the family!


Stephens enjoys working on all types of machine made rugs, where he can really put his unique skill set of running and handling sewing machines to the test. His favorite rug that he owns is a 90L handmade Chinese rug.

IMG_1303.jpg“As a company, we have been truly fortunate to have a team member like Junior, who has worked loyally for over 40 years of continuous service,” says Paul Iskyan, President of Rug Renovating. “Junior brings his own set of unique skills, and a wealth of knowledge and experience, to our business everyday.”

Junior looks forward to working with RUG RENOVATING until he decides to retire, but rugs have become such an integral part of his life it will be difficult for him to let go!
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