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Does Your Spring Cleaning Routine Include Furniture Cleaning?

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Fri, Mar 22, 2013 @ 02:00 PM

Wood Furniture cleaningAt Rug Renovating, furniture cleaning is also a specialty of ours and we clean all different types of upholstered furniture in your home. Our technicians are trained and certified in cleaning furniture fabric of all types, even leather and silk.

It’s important to know how frequently you should clean your furniture. The beauty and durability of the fabrics on your furniture depends on the cleanliness and upkeep of them. The frequency is decided by how much you use the furniture and the amount of traffic in a given room. You should at least clean your heavily used furniture once a year. For moderate use, stick to at least every two years, and every three years for light use.

The type of fabric on your furniture will dictate the cleaning method we will use. For most cottons, wools, raylons and other blends, we turn to wet extraction. For chintz, silks, satins and velvets, we use a dry cleaning method. For damask and Haitian cotton, we use foam hand cleaning. For leather furniture, the type of cleaning depends on the type of leather that it’s made up of. Regardless, we highly recommend leather furniture to be protected.

In addition to your upholstered furniture, we have a complete furniture restoration shop that can perform a variety of services on wooden furniture. We can hand polish, strip off old varnish, and restain the wood to a new and beautiful color and finish. We can also carry out a number of repairs, including touching up minor nicks and scratches to complete restoration and replacing a broken piece with new hardware. Some of our services can be done in your home while more extensive ones will be carried out in our shop. After inspection of your furniture, we will inform you exactly what needs to be done and the cost up front.

wood furniture re-finishingIf your furniture is looking dull due to years of buildup from wax and polish, then we will perform a hand polishing service. Sunlight, liquids and oxidation can cause damage to the finish of your furniture and our hand polishing process will remove dirt and oil, and dissolve old wax buildup. It will ultimately leave a durable and lustrous hand-rubbed finish.

If your furniture is cracking or “alligatored,” where it is so old and dried out it resembles an alligator back, it has surpassed the stages of being polished and needs a full re-finishing. The old finish must be completely removed and a new stain needs to be applied. For that type of furniture, we will pick it up from your home and refinish it in our furniture shop.

We can also lighten the wood of your furniture by removing the old finish and bringing out the natural wood. From there, we re-stain it and apply a brand new finish that will show off the wood’s natural beauty.

When it comes to the consultation, our cleaning technician can review with you what needs to be done and the type of results you can expect prior to us getting to it. We also advise you to look into the importance of protecting your furniture from stains and soiling. In order to do this, have us apply Fiber Guard to your new or newly cleaned furniture.

Give us a call today to schedule a furniture cleaning and have Fiber Guard protection applied to your furniture!


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