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The Summertime Survival Guide for your Rug

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Wed, Jul 02, 2014 @ 10:11 AM

Summer SunIt’s summertime. It’s hot, it’s sunny, and it’s humid. This time of year conjures up memories of mom or dad trying to slather the sunblock on you before you left to catch the bus to camp or left with your friends for the beach.

However, your skin isn’t the only victim of the damaging effects of the sun’s UVB rays. Remember the rug in your living room? You know, the one your parents would yell at you for getting all wet when you came inside from the pool party? The heat and sun can rough those up as well. No matter what the color of your rug or carpet is, UV light will fade colors over time.  Certain colors, especially red and blue, are prone to sun-fading and chemical damage from various detergent cleaners.

You may be thinking, “It’s fine. I can turn on my air conditioning to keep the house cool.” Well, that may work in the short term, but once you rack up a sky-high energy bill, you’ll think twice about that strategy.

Here are some quick, cost-effective ways to keep your rugs and furniture in top shape during the sweltering summer months:

1.)   In the morning, before you leave the house, shut the windows, and close the blinds or drapes. If you must, turn the A/C on low. The house is the coolest in the early morning, so the air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard since the house is already cool. This will save you money.

2.)   Use protective window treatments, such as ultraviolet blocking window shades and coatings. These are available at stores like Home Depot and can be purchased online for as little as $40.

3.)   Use carpet/rug protectors, such as Rug Renovating’s Fiber-Guard UV. This offers another layer of protection for your carpets and rugs, especially from any stains resulting from spilled liquid from the pool party cocktail table, dirty shoes from the baseball field, or sandy feet from the beach.

4.)   If all else fails, simply try keeping your prized rugs, carpets, or furniture away from direct sunlight. Even if the floor coverings are in the middle of the room, it’s better than having them directly next to the window.

So there you have it. These are just a few tips to ensure that your rug won’t suffer the same fate as your skin during the summer months. 

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How to Protect Your Rugs from UV Fading

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Fri, Oct 25, 2013 @ 01:42 PM

Everyone knows that UV rays can damage your skin. But did you know that it can be harmful to your rugs as well? Your beautiful Oriental rugs may be the statement piece in your living room, dining room or family room, but being exposed to the sunlight that streams through your windows can damage them. No one wants their beloved rugs to develop ugly fade marks or for them to lose the vivid and gorgeous colors that make them unique.  In addition, sunlight can ultimately bring down their value as well. UV rays can affect different types of rugs in different ways - depending on the quality of the rug and what it is made of. Some rugs are more resistant to UV rays than others.

For example, rugs that are made of wool can stand up to sunlight better and will not fade as easily. Also, fibers, such as acrylic and polyester, are very resistant to sunlight too. Sun fading will most likely affect colors that have reds as a dominant element.

There are easy (and inexpensive) steps to help protect your rugs from UV fading:
1. It is recommended to close your blinds whenever possible, or lower the shades when you aren't at home during the day, as this will block out the sun's harmful UV rays.

2. You should rotate your rug at least twice a year in efforts to ensure that rug is being used on both sides evenly. This will also guarantee that the rug is exposed to the sun in equal amount on both sides.

3. Add UV tint protection to your windows. There are a variety of window films for different levels of UV ray protection.

4. Don't use UV products because they are made up of heavy chemicals that will harm the surface of your rugs and won't allow them to breath.

5. For an exterior option, awnings can be a great way to provide sun protection and even add some curb appeal to you home. 

6. Have your rugs treated with MicroSeal, which helps to prefent fading and staining.

Although large windows let in beautiful, bright light, they will also let in harmful UV rays that will hurt your oriental rugs. Follow the steps above and you will be on your way to safely reducing incoming sunlight by also preserving your favorite rugs! Rug Renovating can also help you prevent UV fading by MicroSealing your rugs.  Call today to ask about MicroSeal!

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