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Importance of Vacuuming | Improve Air Quality & Reduce Allergens

Posted by Paul Iskyan on Wed, Mar 25, 2020 @ 12:49 PM

In this blog, we address the importance of vacuuming, choosing the right vacuum and then how to maintain your home’s furnishing and carpets with the correct vacuuming technique. As I considered these subjects, I asked the leaders in our industry and the response pointed to conclusions offered by The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) research and Consumer Reports magazine.


The Dalton, Georgia based non-profit trade association CRI defines its job as going well beneath the surface to prove how our environment for living, work, learning and healing is better thanks to carpets and rugs through science based research, customer advocacy, environmental stewardship and consensus building, we serve our members and their customers. Our initiatives help to protect a carpet’s life and beauty and demonstrate its air quality benefit. Consumer Reports is the world’s largest independent product testing organization which, to remain independent, accepts NO outside advertising.

Why Vacuum?

So why is vacuum cleaning so important? Well, research shows that up to 83% of the soil in rugs and carpets is loose, dry particulate that can be removed by regular vacuuming. In-plant cleaning of area rugs and handmade carpets and Hot Water Extraction cleaning of installed carpet is the only way to remove water and oil based soil such as food, beverages, animal accidents, oily dirt and other materials.

How to Choose The Best Vacuum

There are thousands of vacuum cleaners available for purchase. So how do you know the “best choice” for you? To come up with the answer I turned to the CRI and Consumer Reports. Consumer Reports is world famous for their testing, evaluating and rating of thousands of different products.

CRI - Certified Vacuums

Consumer Reports - Choosing the Best Vacuum Cleaner

Have the Right Vacuum? What's Next?

When vacuuming rugs and carpet, use slow, repetitive, front-to-back motions in an overlapping sequence. A quick, single pass will have little effect on removing the dust and loose dirt. Perform approximately four passes over an area and then move to the left or right as you move around the room. There is no need to push down the front of the vacuum or stay in the same spot for more than four passes.

We hope this information helps you to maintain a healthy home for you and your family.


Paul Iskyan
CEO Rug Renovating

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